Beat the heat with these simple tips!

The Texas heat can be unbearable at times, especially if your air conditioner isn't running at peak performance, and we are quickly heading to the dog days of summer. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your AC this year.

1. Caulk Around Doors And Windows
Air leaks can be a huge waste of money! Your cold air might just be going out your window (like your money). Caulking around doors and windows can help stop these costly leaks.

2. Change Your Filter
Do you know when you last changed your filter? If you aren't keeping up with your manufacturer's recommended service schedule, your AC won't work right. The longer your wait, the more dirt and grime clog up your system.  A good rule of thumb is to replace your filter every time you receive your electric bill, it's a great way not to forget once you get in the habit.

3. Open Your Vents
Be sure all of your vents are open and clear of any obstructions. Sometimes dust can build up there too, so clean them off as well. Restricting airflow can actually cause damage to your system!

4. Turn Up Your Thermostat
Setting your thermostat lower doesn't make it cool your home any faster. It actually just makes your AC run longer. You can save energy (and money) if you program your thermostat higher when you know you won't be home.

5. Install A Ridge Vent System
We all know hot air rises, but if your attic isn't vented properly all that hot air has nowhere to go. A ridge vent system lets your attic breath without trapping all of the hot air inside your house. That means your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to keep things cool because there isn't as much heat in the attic radiating into your home.

6. Have your system inspected
It is a good idea to have a qualified HVAC company inspect your system before you need to constantly run your system.  They can spot any trouble and fix it before we reach 3-digit heat.  They get very busy responding to service calls when it gets really hot out and often cannot respond the same day.  If you fix something before it breaks you won't be left waiting for days for a technician that can come fix your system.