Cooler season leads to unwanted guests

The dropping temperatures make us all want to bundle up inside where it is warm and this is no difference for the rodents, squirrels, and possums in our neighborhoods. If a mouse/rat can get it's head in a hole it can also get the rest of its body through. A hole in your home as small as a dime will allow field mice in where it is warmer. Squirrel incisor teeth grow at a rate of 6-inches per year. This means they need to chew to keep them in check. Unfortunately our homes can become a source for them to chew on. If a squirrel doesn't make it inside your house they may have created the perfect pathway for mice and/or rats. If the squirrel does make it inside your house they may have also created a pathway for possums.

If you hear noises in your attic or on your roof during the day it is likely squirrels. If you hear noises at night it is likely rats or possums. Rats and mice pee every few minutes, more often when they are in new territory. If they are in your attic they are urinating everywhere they go.

You might think to yourself "I don't have mice or rats in my neighborhood!", but that is not true. If you have a neighbor with a bird feeder I guarantee you have rodents. You can buy bait stations at your local hardware store and treat for rodents yourself. It is best to start well before the seasonal drop in temperatures. You are better off hiring an exterminator who has access to stronger chemicals and can eliminate the population, at least until temperatures start to warm again.