Getting Your Property Rent Ready

When renting out property, it’s important to make sure that you draw
in as many good tenants as possible. There are many ways to do this,
but one of the most effective ways is to make sure your property is
absolutely ready to be sold. Spice things up, fix imperfections,
repaint the walls, anything to make your property more appealing.
Here is a list of steps you can take to bring out the best in your
property’s appearance:

1. Dust Away Webs

Cobwebs on the property can take away from the aesthetics, so dust
away any webs that may be indoors ( in corners and on walls) and
outdoors (near overhangs, lights, and doorways).

2. Inspect, Clean, or Replace Screens

If a screen is torn anywhere, then it allows insects and other pests
into your rental property. Repair or replace any damaged screens on
the property to save money on pest control.

3. Inspect, Clean, or Replace Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Dust and dirt can get into the cracks of windows and sliding doors,
making them operate less than perfect. By cleaning out the crevices
and corners, you can avoid costly repairs and jammed doors.

4. Get Rid of Pests

Even if there isn’t a bug problem in the property, it’s still a wise
idea to have a professional pest control company come in and treat
your property for common pests in that area.

5. Check Light Sources

Wipe down all of the light bulbs that still work, inside the property
and outside. If they are broken or need to be replaced, change them out
with more efficient ones. Newer energy-saving light bulbs require less
energy and don’t have to be changed out as often, so they’ll save you
more money than older bulbs.

6. Examine Ceiling Fans

Make sure all of the ceiling fans in the house work properly and are
clear of dust. If the property is older, than this becomes more important.

7. Tidy Up the Yard

If your property has dying shrubs or growing weeds, then selling the
property could be a problem. Trim the bushes, pull weeds, cut the grass,
plant new flowers, and wash the dirt from the cracks in the sidewalk.
Do what you can to make your property’s yard look amazing.

8. Change Out Air Filters

Clean out the vents and replace all the air filters. Something to consider
is to switch out any reusable filters with disposable ones. By doing this,
no cleaning is needed and the filter only needs to be replace with another
disposable one. One less thing to worry about.

9. Professionally Clean the Interior

Tenants would like to move into a clean home and not sleep in a dirty room.
A normal cleaning won’t do, so bring in professional cleaners to clean up
the interior and get rid of any unappealing messes.

10. Professionally Clean the Carpet

Any residue in the carpets can attract even more dirt, so get the carpets
cleaned with a professional steam and shampoo treatment. They’ll look and
feel a lot nicer afterwards.

11. Repair, Fix, and Repaint

Fix up any imperfections in the floors or walls before applying a new coat
of paint. After the professional carpet cleaning, there may be signs of
damage in the carpets. Repair the spots or just replace the carpet all together.

12. Rekey All of the Locks

Old tenants (or others) may have old keys and codes to the property, so
rekey and recode all of the locks on the property, from doors, to sheds,
to gates. Also make sure you have keys and codes to all HOA-issued remotes
and codes.

13. Final Check for Details

After everything’s been cleaned and replaced, take a last look and spy
out any other unappealing spots. Make sure that your property is looking
as good as it could be.

By following these steps, you can really bring in a good selection of
tenants. Compared to a home or apartment not ready, yours will be much
more appealing. It’ll have a neat exterior as well as a clean interior
that’ll put your house at the top of their list. They’ll be more willing
to cooperate and your job will be a lot easier. Contact PMI today to find
out more!