Prospective Tenant Screening

Most property managers will do a criminal, credit, and rental verification when they receive an application from a potential tenant. How is PMI Metroplex better at screening potential tenants?

We actually call and verify employment. It is very easy to fake a paystub. It is not so easy to fake employment. We call not just the last landlord of the tenant. Why? If they are a bad tenant, what is that landlord going to tell us? They are great tenants! Why would a landlord bend the truth that hard? Because they WANT them out of their property. So what is the value of calling the last landlord? It really depends on the tenant, but sometimes this information is useless and more importantly it may be completely wrong. We also call their previous landlord, not just the current landlord. Why? That landlord will happily tell us the truth if the tenant left owing money, left the property damaged, left the property dirty, didn’t pay rent on time, moved in someone else that wasn’t on the lease, brought in animals that weren’t on the lease, etc.