Start Shopping For Your New Home

Today, we’ll discuss how to effectively and efficiently start shopping for your next home. After you’re pre-approved and have your criteria figured out, what do you do?

Many homes no longer post a for sale/for lease sign. Why? It’s an invitation for thief’s to steal AC units and kitchen appliances. There’s nothing wrong with taking a Sunday afternoon drive in an area where you want to live to narrow down the area you would like to live in, but with the price of gas these days this can be costly.

What about internet searches using sites like Zillow or Trulia? These sites do provide a lot of information, but your Realtor can customize a list of comparable properties based on your needs/wants/budget. Some sites just give you a snapshot of homes on the market at one point in time, and they often are not updated regularly. Some properties listed on Zillow or Trulia actually sold years ago! If you want to use the most updated and accurate resource, talk to your Realtor.

The last thing to keep in mind is to never write an offer until you see a comparative market analysis from your agent. Don’t be fooled into making the assumption that the seller has priced their home based on current market conditions. Some listing agents go along with whatever the seller wants to price the home for just so the agent can get a listing. You want to make sure the home is priced correctly so you don’t overpay. This is the same case whether you are looking to purchase or to lease.